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So, you want to know how much spraying UPVC door cost? Well, the cost of spraying your front door can be many times cheaper than replacing it for a new UPVC door. Your front door is the entrance to your home and can be given a significant facelift to literally change the look and feel of the whole house. 

Evospray Door Spraying Service

Replacing your doors with a brand new door can be rather costly. If your door needs to be repaired or you’re interested in longevity, looks, or both, then UPVC spray painting may be the perfect option for you. But how does UPVC spray paint stand out against other options? We will give you six benefits of spray painting doors.

Professional Guarantee

UPVC door painting is a specific service and our team at Respray UPVC are trained professionals in all areas of UPVC Spraying.

We use high quality, professional products which are expensive for a reason – they provide exceptional results when used right. This is why it is important that professional painters go through top-notch training to provide the best results to our customers.

Hiring a professional team to get the job done, ensures great results and a thorough, proper job with an immaculate finish guaranteed.
10 Year Guarantee Certificate Provided by Respray UPVC

Spraying UPVC door cost?

It massively less expensive to spray the UPVC you require than to fully replace with brand new.  Save a lot of money by choosing spray painting over fitting new.

The high quality paint we use at Respray UPVC dries fast, provides the ultimate full coverage and is long lasting over the years.

The UPVC will look brand new and will also make a huge difference to the initial look of the property over all. 

With many completed projects and many happy customers, we are confident in stating this is 100% the best option to consider before a complete renovation of whatever it may be that you would like to change.



Did you know that spraying UPVC door cost can provide the same finish as a stained door but on a budget? Replacement doors is the natural option, but it’s not one that everyone can afford. Luckily, a professional UPVC spray painting service can provide the same finish at a fraction of the price.

Property Protection


UPVC doors which face the outdoors, deal with all kinds of weather every day. Your doors are a lot more susceptible to environmental damage if they have not been spray painted.


If you don’t want the threats of the outdoors, i.e weather conditions and also pests shortening the lifespan of your doors, it’s time to invest in spray painting.


This is also a great way to invest in the future and will add a lot to the value to the property.






Just like any other painting service, spray painting is very customizable. You can choose from a wide range of colours on our RAL chart and 3 different finishes to adhere to the style you would like. We also colour match to: Farrow & Ball, Fenwick & Tilbrook, Little Greene, Laura Ashley, Frenchic Paint, Valspar, Crown, Dulux 

The most popular colour choice in the UK, which the majority of our customers have chosen to spray their UPVC doors and windows, garage doors, UPVC conservatory is anthracite grey.

Spray Painting Doors? Hire a Professional!

At Respray UPVC, we understand what a professional paint job requires. That’s why we offer premium but affordable UPVC spray painting services on-site for homeowners just like you.

So if you have been interested in transforming your doors, get a free quote from us today!

Our Full House Transformation

The majority of our customers choose to have multiple exterior and interior parts of their home transformed by our UPVC spraying service within the same job. Having both your windows and doors sprayed at the same time will allow us to provide you with greater savings and the exterior will be fully completed to the most professional finish in a shorter time frame.

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